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Are you looking for a transfer maid?

Singapore Choice Dot Com presents itself as a data service that provides detailed information to readers who are interested in looking for a transfer maid, part time maid, domestic helper or nanny in singapore. If You are looking for a transfer maid, then you may browse through our page for our recommendation. We've browsed through the Internet and find that certain Maid Agencies have provided very good maid service and cleaning service. They have also provide good advices and information on how to get a good maid for your home.

The choice is always yours - so take your time to find a suitable transfer maid for youself.

Our Choices:


      We browsed through their website and found that they provided very detailed information on how to get a maid for your family including advices on the law issues, questions you may ask regarding the $5,000 bond and many other more useful information. Infact you can claim a free report from them - "FAQs on hiring a domestic helper for your family".

        There are testimonials on their site written by existing customers after using their services, you may like to read them by going to their page.



           With more than 18 yrs of experience providing domestic help services,  they have their own recruitment and training centers in Central Java and thus ensure their maids are able to adapt to Singapore society in the shortest period of time.

          There is a search form provided in their website, you can select your choice like Age preference, skills required, New or Transfer, Language ability, Marital Status, Education level and etc... Simply click on the 'Search Maid' button and list of maids with photograph are presented for you to select.



      By going to this website, you can access to 24 maid agencies' (when the time we are browsing through their site) database of domestic helpers. There are wide ranges of maids from different nationality that you can choose from, like Filipino, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Myanmese and others.                  
       When we browsed through their maids' listing, we also found that most of them are updated recently.



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